Mushroom Coffee? Eww Gross!

Slow Change to Whole Food Plant Based

I have been trying hard to live a whole food plant based diet but it has been a slow process to cut out all the things that I may be addicted to like hot dogs and doughnuts. Each little step I take trying to eat like Dr. Micheal Gregor says we should in his book “How Not to Die” has been an uphill battle.

Dabetic Reduction

As a Diabetic I have been able to control my blood sugar levels very well while living whole food plant based. I’m no longer taking insulin just a couple Metformin pills twice a day. As I get healthier I hope to get off all my diabetic medications naturally.

Need More Mushroom Coffee

mushroom-plus-coffeeOne thing Dr. Gregor says is to get more mushrooms in my diet. I’m finding it rather hard to do because I’m not the best cook and my wife hates mushrooms! I have recently come across Oragano Gold a Canadian coffee company. Organo uses a mushroom in their coffees, teas, and other products. This maybe an extra piece to my healthy life changes. Organo also has a line of weight loss products that may interest some people.

I have been simply having one or two cups of this coffee or tea each day to help supplement my need for some healthy mushrooms.

Resume Deal for You!

Since my skill is with human resources and resumes I have a deal for people today! If you live in Canada or the US and make a purchase through this Organo Gold link I will do a free resume review for you. I normally charge $25 for this service but if you order today I will do it for free. After you make your Organo Gold order send me an e-mail to with what you ordered and your resume. I will send back some tips to you in a few days.