Outsource Your Hiring Process

Outsource Your Hiring (Recruitment) Process

As a small business owner or manager, do you have a Human Resources (HR) department? Do you do the hiring yourself? Many small business owners or managers do not have the specific education or experience with HR and recruitment, but this is a task that has to be done and many business owners learn this job as it comes up. Trial and error can cost you time, and, in rare cases put you in hot water, but this is a good way over time to learn the right skills.

Does a small business owner have the time to learn these skills? How many times have you hired a terrific candidate, only to find out they weren’t at all how they presented at the interview? The challenge with trial and error and learning on the job when it comes to recruitment is that you and other small business owners are busy running the business! You tend to be the jack of all trades when it comes to business management, so creating a hiring process isn’t high on your list of priorities.

How many hours does a small business owner spend on a hiring process? Sometimes you can find someone by word of mouth or hire friends and family. This is good as it may only take up a few hours of your time. Trying to run a proper hiring campaign so you have a better chance at getting the right person can take 30 or more hours per competition. If you receive more than 30-50 resumes then this time could easily get to 50+ hours.

50+ hours! What can a small business owner get done in that time? That is over 6 full 8 hour days!

Do you want to create time?

It can be a scary thought to outsource some of your management or HR functions, and it can cost a lot also. Think about how much work you can get done yourself in that 50+ hours. Would that ability to do personal work out-weigh the cost of outsourcing? Well that depends on the service you are using. There are many large firms out there that are very professional and have a lot of resources to do an amazing job search for you. Unfortunately, these are very costly and may hold you to lengthy contracts.

What about supporting another small business? You will get more personal time at a lower rate, while helping to support the local economy your business also operates in. Little Blue House Business Services can run your recruitment process and you only need to be part of the final interviews.

Outsourcing will help you create 50+ hours so you can concentrate on your business.