Human Resources Services

Human Resources

Human Resources Services can be confusing and expensive for the small business. Our services can be mixed and matched to suit your business needs without having to hire full time staff. If you need just a bunch of questions answered or need to recruit some new staff we can help.

Free 1 hour consultation on your small business HR needs!

General HR Consulting – $100/hour

Recruiting (in person interviews extra) – $500/competition

In Person Interviews – $300/6-hours

Ask Us About HR – $10/question

Resume Tips

Are you searching for a job or hoping to start a new career? Your resume is your first chance at getting an interview so it better be good! We will give you tips to improve your resume to increase your chances of getting an interview. Recruiters and hiring managers see hundreds of resumes each day so yours better stand out BUT also conform to help recruiters to read it.

30 Minute Tip Session – $25

Resume Rewrite – $100

Other Business Services

With our business services we concentrate on business plans and policy creation for a new business or an expanding business in Edmonton, Alberta and area. I can work with you long distance in the rest of Alberta but please allow for more time for phone calls and e-mails to get the work done. If you are looking for Human Resources specific services please click here.

General Business Services Consulting – $100/hour

Ask another local business owner for tips, consulting, coaching, or just specific questions. Maybe you need a good brainstorming sessions to get new ideas?

Business Plans – $500

Time to speak the same language as your bank or lender with a quality business plan. Created in as little as a week but for better results please allow up to three weeks. If you would like to save money and have the time to create your own business plan I highly recommend purchasing a book or two to help you out.

Financials for Business Plans – $500 extra

We can also create financials for your business plan based on the information that you supply and research we do. Financials that are realistic and that will be accepted by your perspective lender or investor is important to a securing financing.

Policy Creation – $100/hour

When you start hiring employees for your small business the need for some sort of policies will grow. You can keep them simple or you can get into the fine details but no matter what way you lean we can help you. Our policy creation process takes all your important rules and makes sure they are not in conflict with any municipal, provincial, or federal laws or acts. Tackling policy creation for yourself can also save you a bit of money but the reading can be a bit heavy.